London Connectory

The destination for London’s mobility leaders


Note: for the next three weeks, the London Connectory will be running a limited service.

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London Connectory

A city within a city

The London Connectory is the first city-inspired innovation space dedicated completely to urban mobility. Through collaboration between members and partners, its goal is to design and accelerate solutions that improve the way we move around the capital Рand all cities around the world.

Our ethos is centred firmly around real collaboration between startups and SMEs, large corporations and governments, to address tomorrow’s transportation challenges today.

If you want to design, experience and be inspired by these solutions, this is the destination for you.

More than co-working

More than office space, we’re building a collaborative ecosystem centred around networking and problem-solving – a new way of working in the age of connectivity.


For starters, the space has been created by a team of experts in designing effective innovation spaces. So the London Connectory offers everything you need to keep your business thriving.

But, more importantly, our team are experts in mobility and urban solutions – and passionate about connecting our members with the people and projects we know will add value to their organisations. Be it an SME, industry player, government agency or an investor, the London Connectory is a committed advocate for your team.

London Connectory Fixed Desks

Build, test, iterate

Space to connect

Access to meeting rooms equipped with full audio visual capabilities, as well as a selection of breakout areas for on-the-fly meetings.

High-speed internet

Ultra high-speed internet throughout the building, with wireless and wired options available.

Member events

Socials, learning opportunities and regular events connect you and your team with the London Connectory community.