As 2019 comes to a close, we’ve taken a look back at the top 19 stories of the year in mobility. For those of you who follow us on Twitter (if you don’t already, we’re at @LDNconnectory), you may have seen some of these already.

They’re in no particular order. We hope you enjoy a look back at the year.

  1. We had to start with this one. In March, the London Connectory opened its doors to the mobility world!
  2. In October, Bosch announced its SiC semiconductors that are poised to revolutionise the world of EV: Bosch poised for leap in e-mobility technology
  3. Car Free Day in September saw cities around the world close their centres to traffic. Junctions usually consigned to gridlock were liberated with deck chairs, pedestrians and cyclists; see more here.
  4. Also in September, Bosch hosted its Digital Experience Day at each Connectory site around the world. In London we had keynotes from Michael Hurwitz (TfL), Calvin Lau (TfL), Neal Bing (Fjord) and Alex Kreetzer and Rob Benyon (Auto Futures and DMA Media).
  5. In July, London Connectory member Chordant set up a partnership with Transport for West Midlands, as its oneTRANSPORT Data Marketplace was chosen to help deliver improved transport services.
  6. In the same month, the Metropolitan Police clamped down on e-scooters in the wake of casualties on the roads.
  7. London’s Office of Technology and Innovation (LOTI) was also launched, with the aim of driving collaboration and innovation amongst the London boroughs. We’re excited to see how this continues to grow in 2020.
  8. We held a panel event exploring data sharing in mobility, with speakers from Sensat, the Big Innovation Centre, Bosch and the Open Data Institute.
  9. Two of our members – Alchera Technologies and TravelAi – won an innovation competition with Highways England in the summer. Both solutions looked to tackle air quality.
  10. In September, we hosted our first breakfast roundtable – Insuring the Future of Mobility. Bringing leaders from insurance and mobility together, we worked to find the commonalities. Read the report on our findings.
  11. There were many advancements within mobility in 2019, but, arguably, one of the coolest was the Automated Valet Parking from Daimler and Bosch.
  12. In August we brought together mobility leaders for our summer reception – MobilityFest – featuring what3words, TravelAi, ViaVan and hiyacar. Check out the highlights and gallery.
  13. Another advancement this year happened at the Move UK consortia where partners released a Final Proposal for EDR standards for autonomous vehicles.
  14. In November, we held a panel looking at active transport and how it can best work in cities. We had speakers from Bosch, Lime, Better Points, The Open Data Institute and Beeline. Photos are online here.
  15. In October the Driven By AI consortium, lead by Oxbotica, demonstrated the capabilities of a fleet of self-driving vehicles in London’s challenging and complex urban environment.
  16. For the second iteration of our breakfast roundtable series, we studied the intersection between the energy and mobility sector by bringing key stakeholders from both industries together. Read our findings here.
  17. One of our panel events in the autumn looked at data-driven innovation in mobility with TfL, Sente, Triffix, Nitrous and InMotion Ventures, all captured on camera.
  18. We spoke to Chris Dunley, the Operational Lead for Urban Mobility Solutions at Bosch – and discussed conferences, behavioural change and e-bikes. Read the conversation here.
  19. And last but not least. Rewind a few weeks back to Christmas at the Connectory in partnership with KPMG. We were talking all things mobility with Alchera Technologies, Humanising Autonomy, Blue Zoom, Airspeeder, and Vianova, while raising over £500 for the Children’s Air Ambulance!

And that’s a wrap! We hope you’ve enjoyed our #19of19.

Merry Christmas a Happy New Year from everyone at the London Connectory!