May 27 2020

Utilising and opening up data is a crucial element in developing smarter cities built around its inhabitants. From transport to infrastructure, to logistics – data helps give us a glimpse into whether a policy or solution is viable.

Data science – or topics such as AI, or Machine Learning – is often perceived as unapproachable, with high barriers to entry – is this the case? How can we make data more accessible?

Join the London and Chicago Connectory as we investigate how data can be made more approachable. it’s easier than you might think, so you don’t need to be a data scientist to attend.


  • How does the Connectory ecosystem increase accessibility to data, tools, and opportunities?
  • How are innovators are breaking down the barriers to data in our cities?
  • Can anyone become a data scientist?

Schedule & Speakers:

16:00 – Registrations open

16:05 – Welcome from Fermin Fernandez (Chicago Connectory) & Walter Daves (London Connectory)

16:15 – Aaron Filous, CEO – Promotable

16:30 – Dr. Stylianos Kampakis, Chief Data Officer – Datalyst

16:45 – Marc Roberts, Consultant – Chordant

17:00 – Closing remarks

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