September 18 2019


We hosted Bosch’s first fully virtual digital festival – a collaboration between all the Connectory’s around the world to share insights and expertise to master marketing and sales. 

With the London Connectory being London’s first urban mobility hub, we looked at marketing through that lens. 

Thanks to our keynote speakers:

Laura Mack-Titelius, Head of London Connectory – Bosch

Calvin Lau, Content Designer – Transport for London

Michael Hurwitz, Director of Transport Innovation – Transport for London

Rob Beynon, CEO & Co-founder – DMA Media

Neal Bingham, Business Design Lead – Fjord

Alex Kreetzer, Editor – Auto Futures

Inga da Gama Barata, Marketing & Strategy Consultant Smart Cities & Cross Selling, Bosch


Photo credits to: Brenna Duncan.