February 27 2019


An evening discussion with Transport for London were we gathered different perspectives from across the London mobility community and investigate how can we best tackle road danger.  

Our expert panel discussed what possible technology can help to improve safety; how best can the private sector work with government organisations to reach this goal; how can we use data effectively to improve the safety on London’s streets.


Thank you to our speakers:

Rikesh Shah – TfL

Laura Mack-Titelius – Bosch & London Connectry

Stuart Reid – TfL (Vision Zero)

Andrew Wiseall – TfL (Network Performance Delivery Manager)

Flora McFarlane – Beeline (Growth & Partnerships)

Liberatus Fusi-Akpodono – CYCL (Business Development Manager)

Laura Laker – Project Pedestrian (Journalist)

Simon Morley – Bosch (Lead Project Manager)


Photos by Brenna Duncan