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Building on a deep understanding of the unique issues facing both startups and government, we match powerful, young technologies with some of the biggest challenges of today, while ensuring the best return for government and helping create the cities of the future.



There’s no shortage of fantastic ideas, but introducing these to the public sector is a challenge on both sides of the coin – with society ultimately losing out.
We want to change this.

  1. To increase startup collaboration with the government to ensure more sustainable and cost-effective innovation – helping small businesses secure every £1 out of 3 in public sector procurement by 2020 in line with the UK Government’s own ambitions.
  2. Help governments generate revenue through better open data models and knowledge sharing. This will be reinvested into the delivery of better services for all. We want to see all local government data sources and associated industry data on an openly accessible platform by 2020.

We connect startups with leaders and decision makers that can help refine their proposition, provide expertise in all aspects of the startup lifecycle and facilitate innovation in data.