What we're building

At the London Connectory, all of our members are driven by a desire to build, iterate and collaborate on mobility solutions.

A partnership between Bosch and Nitrous, this is the go-to destination for London’s mobility leaders. We’ve created a unique environment that combines function, inspiration and collaboration.

The blend of startups, SMEs, established companies and public sector organisations creates a thriving community that that supports and engages businesses of any size.

Our community managers are your on-hand point of call – from hosting an event to product advice, they are here to provide you with the solutions and help you need.

Our name

The name Connectory is a combination of the words “connection” and “factory” – two central elements of Bosch’s vision for the future.

It’s a space where connections happen – among devices, people and ecosystems – as the world evolves through a digital transformation.

The Connectory becomes a physical space, designed to connect and co-create around the topic of urban mobility for startups, universities, government bodies or other corporations.

London Connectory Graphic
Bosch Headquarters

About Bosch

As a global leader in manufacturing, Bosch has a rich history of innovation. It began in 1886 as a startup in a backyard garage when Robert Bosch developed the first automotive spark coil.

Over the following 130 years, the company has grown into a leader in industrial manufacturing, admired worldwide for its quality products ranging from automotive components and power tools, to home appliances and sophisticated sensor technology.

Now, as the digital era transforms our world and billions of devices are linked to the Internet, Bosch is developing its strengths in manufacturing to bring new capabilities to a connected world.

About Nitrous

Building on a deep understanding of the unique issues facing both startups and government, Nitrous matches powerful, young technologies with some of the biggest challenges of today, while ensuring the best return for government – and helping create the cities of the future.

Our team

Walter Daves

Head of London Connectory,

Laura Mack-Titelius
Laura Mack-Titelius

Director New Mobility Innovation, Bosch

Chris Dunley
Chris Dunley

Head of Ecosystem Growth, Bosch

Bhakti Gajjar
Bhakti Gajjar

Chief of Staff,

George Johnston
George Johnston


Alex Perez

Venture Manager,

George Lintott

Marketing & Community Manager, Nitrous

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