We look back at Bosch’s Digital eXperience Day – an event of international collaboration and connectivity.

September was quite the month at the London Connectory, with an event every week and a whole host of esteemed visitors to experience and be a part of the ecosystem we have here.

But the biggest was, without a doubt, Bosch’s Digital eXperience Day.

The annual digital marketing and sales event was transformed this year into a virtual platform of keynotes and games across the globe with the Connectory network being elected to host the physical festivals, whilst 1500 people internationally tuned in to watch and engage. 

As one of the hosts of this international event, we in London decided to give the proceedings a mobility-twist with keynotes from leaders within the community. 

London as an international mobility hub

Amongst the backdrop of global collaboration and knowledge sharing, our speakers cemented the notion that London possesses a vibrant mobility ecosystem. One that relies on collaboration between industry leaders.

TfL Content Manager Calvin Lau began discussions – introducing the mobility lens we would be looking through for the rest of the day. He outlined TfL’s digital channel strategy that aims to tackle mobility challenges faced in London through data-driven content. 


Speaking about the current challenges and what lay ahead for London’s mobility future Head of Innovation for TfL, Michael Hurwitz outlined ultra-low emission zones, changes in transport modes and a vast increase in the importance of online visibility. Ultimately, the development of London as a leading international mobility hub, TfL has had to change its approach to industrial partnership. One approach said by Michael is “everything we do has to be open and fully transparent”. By the same token, it’s the responsibility of all stakeholders in London mobility community to work together and bring in constructive, not disruptive innovations to the capital.

Neal Bingham’s ‘mobility gold rush’ outlined a research study to try and crack what drives people’s transport-related decisions and try and connect people’s existing transport modes together. 

Next up, we had Rob Beynon and Alex Kreetzer from DMA Media and Auto Futures which focused on how the media has changed and companies need to reinvent themselves to join the digital world. 

A collaborative global community

Elsewhere, Inga Barata from Bosch gave the audience insights into effective cross-selling methods. Both external and internal guests were invited to engage and learn about understanding the market and the needs of customers to create new innovative solutions that bring different teams together regardless of which company or division. 

This theme of collaboration regardless of affiliation was mirrored across the space with many opportunities for networking, keynotes and workspaces shared by all.


Also happening was the international escape room, named the Digi Challenge. Fifteen guests from each Connectory were tasked with decoding a code that gave them a travel ticket to give to the next Connectory so they could unleash their challenge. Here in London, we were passed over the code by our team in Stuttgart and then had the pleasure of handing our code over to Curibita, with both teams on webcam…considering the time differences, it was amazing how we came together as a global community to solve a problem.    

The Stuttgart team managed to escape the quickest… but only just!

“The digital challenge was a unique way to connect with people from across the business, both locally and internationally. After an intense start, we managed to link our ideas to crack to code, and were able to successfully pass the baton on to the next Connectory! ”

Elliot Fearn – Challenge Participant, and Marketing Intern from Bosch Power Tools in Stowmarket.

International Connections

The renewed focus on collaboration across divisional and company boundaries is key to developing the connected, sustainable transport solutions that cities such as London so desperately need. 

Laura Mack-Titelius, Head of the London Connectory, summarizes the importance of the event:

“The urban mobility sector is an ecosystem of collective partnerships, working together through concepts that solve today’s challenges of travelling in high density population areas, such as London. Here at the Connectory, we partner with strong players in the ecosystem to co-innovate solutions, in early phases, but also in the later stages of development,

“The need to develop concepts and ideas for the urban mobility challenge is high, the time is ticking, and the fields are competitive. In such a fast-moving sector, the need to stay current in digitalisation is clear and also challenging.”

“It was great to see so many Bosch colleagues from the different divisions, as well as external partners and start-ups join us. We think the event was a great success, and thank all of our speakers and guests for joining us at our first Digital X Day at the London Connectory” 

Digital eXperience Day was an event of collaboration between Bosch and the London mobility ecosystem. The concept of the international Connectory community as centres for collective innovation and knowledge sharing was shown in its true colours.